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Equipment Resume May 2001

Bottling & Filtration. Mounted in our own truck and semi - trailer, which provides outstanding flexibility regarding set-up and minimum impact on winery operations.

30" cartridge pre-filter & 30" membrane for sterile bottling

30" cartridge coarse filter for non-sterile bottling

SS. lobe wine pump with soft start & stop

hot water sterilizing unit

GAI 12 spout monoblock comprising:-

sterile filtered fresh water rinse

CO2 or N2 gas sparge

low vacuum or gravity filler

CO2 or N2 gas leveller

vacuum corker

4 minute stand-up time.[can be made longer]

typical out-put is 2,000 lts. per hour or 15,000 per day

Labeling & Capping. New equipment ( April 2000) set-up in an export container, primarily operated at Mere Rd., but can be transported for large runs comprising:-

Robino & Galandrino 2 head capsuler

Cavagnino & Gatti 5 head pressure sensitive labeler with 3 label heads

Mobile unit comprises 2 head capping and 3 label heads with vac-wrap applicator.

3M carton taping machine.

Warehouse . Mere Rd.

Our warehouse in Mere Rd, Hastings in the heart of Hawkes Bay's wine district,
is bonded, monitored and available for long or short term storage.
The warehouse can also serve as a filling/labeling base
for clients wishing to bottle offsite.

All our activities are backed by full quality control systems, thereby ensuring the highest standards of quality attainable.

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